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The United States undoubtedly exceeded expectations when the original forefathers set up the system by which to run our now successful country. Several of the regulations put in place were meant to protect the people and the country’s integrity. It was for this very reason that the House of Representatives utilized their power of impeachment for the first time on July 7, 1797. William Blount was a man who was seemingly dedicated to his country when George Washington first appointed him as governor over the “territory south of the River Ohio.” As territorial governor Blount was incredibly successful at uniting the territory to the point that it could eventually become what we know today as Tennessee. Unfortunately Blount ran into a series of financial problems due to his affinity for western land. After he acquired nearly two and a half million acres of land – mostly on credit – western land interest dropped which made prices plummet. To alleviate his debts Blount conspired to help the British take over Florida and part of Louisiana with the help of his enlisted frontiersmen and Cherokee people. The promise of a large payout persuaded Blount to turn his back on his country. Before his conspiracy was uncovered, however, Blount participated in the Tennessee Constitutional Convention to make Tennessee a state and Blount its senator in 1796. The next year a letter from Blount that outlined his conspiracy was handed over to President John Adams who then passed it on to congress. On July 6, 1797 the letter was read aloud in a session of congress while Blount stood in silenced disbelief. One day later congress voted to remove Blount from his position via their constitutional power. The motion passed, but for some that was not enough so the following year congress attempted to open a senate trial against him. Fortunately for Blount, vice president Thomas Jefferson, dismissed him of all charges and claimed that the senate has no jurisdiction over its right to expel members.

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