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1799 saw the third of a string of early tax revolts in the United States. Following Shay’s Rebellion and the Whisky Rebellion, Fries’ Rebellion carried on the tradition of questioning taxation in the United States. The tax was levied during the Quasi-War with the French to help fund the conflict. Opposition to the tax emerged in Pennsylvania when the process of determining who would pay what amount of tax became known. In the South taxes were based upon the number of slaves one possessed and as Pennsylvania did not have slaves it was decided that the number of windows on one’s house would determine their obligation. John Fries and other Pennsylvanians argued that the tax was unconstitutional as it was not levied in proportion to population and refused to pay, gathering armed militias to hinder the men tasked with counting windows. The leaders of the rebellion were eventually arrested and charged with treason, but were later pardoned by President John Adams. Could this 1799 silver dollar, struck in Philadelphia, be one that John Fries or another rebel refused to part with and fought to protect?

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