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Aaron Burr had made a significant name for himself by 1807 which made it significantly easier to find him when he was wanted for treason. Since the beginning of his political career, Burr had already found himself some enemies. The most notable of these was Alexander Hamilton, a man with whom he would consistently spat with for years until Burr killed him in duel in 1804. While duels were still legal at this time, Burr – who was still Vice President - knew Hamilton’s supporters and friends in the government would frown upon his actions so he fled to Virginia immediately after. It was here that he would finish his term and decide to make his move for New Orleans, which would eventually lead to his arrest on February 19, 1807. Once Burr landed in Louisiana he met with a Spanish agent, General Wilkinson. It is not clear as to why the two met, nor is it clear whether or not they plotted anything; what is known however is that in 1806 Burr led a small well-armed group toward New Orleans. This prompted an immediate investigation which made General Wilkinson betray Burr to save himself. To avoid further conflict or treasonous acts, Burr was arrested. Three months later Burr was indicted for the same charges by a Grand Jury but after an additional appeal – based on lacking evidence - he was acquitted of all charges on September 1, 1807.

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