1813 CLASSIC HEAD 1C MS64 Brown

Grading Service: PCGS
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Cert Number: 40364258

The Classic Head design of John Reich was one of several design changes the one-cent coin experienced in its formative years. Interestingly, the new coin underwent a whopping four major design changes prior to its fifth birthday. Additionally, this particular six-year circulated design saw significant rises and falls in mintage numbers. The 1813 mintage numbers were considered some of the lowest ever seen and few survivors remain due to the poor quality and malleability of the British copper.
It is likely that both the British and U.S. metal supplies were significantly lower during this time because of the War of 1812. Many resources went toward arms and munitions, leaving holes in metal availability for currency. Even so, the Philadelphia Mint had a bad reputation for being unreliable due to these outside conditions. In fact, this was the last of a five-year extension of authority the mint received after the capitol moved. However, many coins continued to be minted here possibly because the British burned the U.S. Treasury down the following year.

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