1828 CLASSIC 1/2 C, 12 STARS MS64 Brown

Grading Service: NGC
SKU: 131879
Cert Number: 3319065004
NGC Population: 6**
NGC Graded Higher: 1**

Today, the donkey is the symbol of the US Democratic Party. The Democrat’s symbol dates as far back as 1828 presidential campaign of the democratic nominee, Andrew Jackson. During the campaign, challengers of Jackson referred to him as a jackass. Embracing the new nickname for its evocation of a “strong-willed animal”, Jackson used the donkey as the symbol of his campaign. In 1870, a political cartoonist used the donkey to represent the entire democratic party and, while never officially adopted by them, began to serve as its unofficial symbol. This 1828 half cent recalls the beginning of the Democratic Donkey.

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