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The infamous Fort Sumter off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina is a historic monument that stands for both conflict and mistake. After the war of 1812, the United States was greatly surprised by their lack of naval barrage and set out to change this. Soon schematics for over fifty forts set along the East Coast had been proposed and approved by congress who hoped they would never be short-handed again. Plans for a fort right off the coast of Charleston- one of the souths prized ports- was intended to be built upon a man-made 2.4 acre granite island. It would assume the name Sumter after Thomas Sumter, a South Carolina native and Revolutionary war general. Fort Sumter’s design- as a three-tiered, five sided fort- was meant to give adequate coverage to protect the port of Charleston at all costs. Eventually deliberations were settled and construction began in 1829 for this highly anticipated edifice. Unfortunately, due to the location of the island owner disputes over the stretch of harbor arose which halted progress until 1841. Just as soon as production had begun, it was significantly slowed due to lack of funds. Finally, just in time for it to hear the first shots of the Civil War, the fort was finished in 1860 and used as a confederate stronghold for four years until its surrender in 1865.

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