1831 CAPPED BUST 50C MS65+

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With forced human slavery comes dissent and anger, which then breeds rebellion that can turn into bloodshed and war. This certainly was the case with slavery in the United States. Before the Civil War there were several significant rebellions that resulted in major repercussions across the nation. The rebellion led by Nat Turner in 1831 is still considered one of the worst in history as it resulted in the deaths of nearly sixty white citizens- several of whom were innocent bystanders. Turner was an American slave who had become a minister a few short years prior to his insurrection. Due to his relationship with God, Turner truly believed he was specifically chosen to lead his people out of slavery. On August 21, 1831 he did just that. His plan included taking over the armory in Jerusalem, Virginia followed by a swift escae to Dismal Swamp, where he believed his followers could not be captured. To start, Turner and his first five followers killed his owner Joseph Travis and his entire family. Over the next two days he was able to collect an additional seventy followers all of whom wreaked havoc around Virginia. On the third day, after several individual attempts to quell the rebellion failed, a militia of three thousand men was called to end Turner’s quest. Soon enough his group had to disband, during which Turner was able to escape. From the end of his rebellion to the moment he was captured on October 30, 1831 several innocent slaves and/or free African-Americans were lynched just to set an example. After Nat Turner was finally captured he was tried- where he unapologetically confessed- and sentenced to death on November 11th. Unfortunately these are the scenarios that were arguably required to get the nation to open their eyes, though it may have been more efficient if others had not died.

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