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It is no secret that certain religious groups, races, and other “outsiders” had a difficult time finding their place in the melting pot of the United States; the members of the Mormon religion were no exception. The religious boom of the 1820s brought new religions and more orthodox practices to light as the world moved into a new age. Joseph Smith was one of the many to receive “prophetic” messages from a deity, specifically the angel Moroni for Smith. During this time Smith had unearthed- literally and figuratively- a new religion that would later be called Latter Day Saints. Soon enough Smith gained a significant following that quite literally followed him anywhere; unfortunately expulsion was not an uncommon solution for government agents who feared unrest in their small towns. By 1838 Smith and his followers had fled to their second location in Gallatin County, Missouri in a city they established and named Far West. The Saints were once again met with naysayers who feared Mormon political dominance and invasion. After they had settled an election was scheduled to take place but certain candidates had their own agenda to prevent the Mormons from voting. The outcome would become the official beginning to the so called Missouri Mormon Wars. William Peniston, the candidate running for governor against church favorite John A. Williams, knew the Mormon vote would outnumber the others so he riled the crowd up to mob against the Saints to prevent their vote. In doing so Peniston managed to prevent several from voting, but he still lost. Church leaders knew this conflict would only lead to more trouble so Smith attempted to settle the dispute peacefully, which backfired terribly. Soon allies to Peniston began to spread horrible rumors that the Mormon leaders had threatened death if they did not back down peacefully. This in turn resulted in an angrier non-Mormon population on all surrounding counties that was built further with small conflicts that culminated into the Siege of Far West. By the end of August 1838 Joseph Smith and his followers were forced to move yet again as they were permanently expelled from Missouri. After another attempt to settle in a relatively close town, the religious group collectively moved westward where they were able to finally establish their permanent settlement.

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