1847-C LIBERTY $5 MS61

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1847 witnessed the Battle of Buena Vista between US and Mexican troops during the Mexican-American War. With 5,000 mostly-inexperienced troops the US army, commanded by General Zachary Taylor, was severely outnumbered by the over 15,000 Mexican regulars led by General Antonia Lopez de Santa Ana. Taylor was ordered to hold an area in Mexico while a larger force led by Winfield Scott attacked the capital of Mexico City. General Santa Ana advanced on the smaller force, planning to quickly wipe them out and move on General Scott. Taylor had other plans and, with superior artillery power and a well timed cavalry charge led by Jefferson Davis, forced the Mexican army to withdraw. General Scott went on to capture Mexico City, forcing the Mexican government to the table at the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and leading to a US gain of half a million square miles on the previously disputed border. This 1847 half eagle, minted in Charlotte, may have been used to pay one of the brave soldiers present at the pivotal Battle of Buena Vista.

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