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In the years that led up to the Civil War the divide grew wider as the debate continued, while most people saw war on the horizon congress aimed to avoid an escalated conflict at all costs. In an effort to do so several senators attempted to pass bills to appease both pro-slavery believers and abolitionists. In 1850, Senator Henry Clay presented an omnibus bill on January 29th that would potentially put off the inevitable war. This bill covered a variety of topics that had crossed the floor several times; it included the admittance of California as a free state, the approval of Utah and New Mexico as popular sovereignty territories, and tighter Fugitive Slave Laws. Unfortunately the initial presentation did not go over well with the abolitionists in senate and the current president, Zachary Taylor. Clay and supporters still had high hopes that the bill would pass and to help, Senator David Webster endorsed the bill to quell the nation. Still members of both sides stood their ground, much like Senator John C. Calhoun who demanded the North end their constant agenda of suppressing slavery in the south. On the other hand, Senator William H. Seward of New York claimed that a “higher law” than the constitution needed to be used to judge slavery. It seemed as though the bill would constantly be rejected until Senator Stephen A. Douglas split the bill into several individual bills and presented them to congress. Additionally, President Taylor met his early demise after which Millard Fillmore was given presidency, and he was all for the bill. Once the bills were presented individually each senator was allowed to vote or abstain on each which successfully passed each. Finally, President Fillmore was able to sign the Compromise of 1850 into law which successfully avoided the war for another ten years.

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