1852 RING G$1 J-148B PR63

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The political climate of 1852 was not one to be taken lightly since two sides of the country were equally divided about the same issue. For years the debate on slavery had built up a massive following on both the pro-slavery and abolitionist side; both thought they were right. Additionally, as westward expansion continued so too did the expansion of slavery- which riled people up even more. While abolitionists based their beliefs mostly on morality, few had the true experience of slavery to understand just what happened down south. Furthermore, pro-slavery believers were often slave owners who depended on the free labor for their wealth and simply down-played their treatment. When Harriet Beecher Stowe published her true-to-life novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852 she presented the ins-and-outs of slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the harsh environment. This in turn added another log to the already roaring fire that was the slavery divide. Stowe, who was the daughter of a prestigiously infamous congressionalist- Lyman Beecher, was born and raised in Connecticut where she attended years of private school before she and her father moved to Cincinnati in 1832. Once in Ohio, Stowe was exposed to actual runaway slaves who often shared their horrific stories with her. Between the horrendous stories and the new, stricter Fugitive Slave Law Stowe had enough of the injustice and felt it was time to expose the truth. What began as short journal entries and a small audience, turned into a full fledge novel that would potentially assist in the start of the Civil War. In fact, ten years after Stowe published her book she met with Abraham Lincoln who supposedly said, “So this is the little lady who made this big war.” Stowe’s novel added to Abolitionist’s already deep convictions and made pro-slavery members angrier and more annoyed than before- thus deepening the already wide gap in the very touchy debate.

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