1852 SEATED LIBERTY S$1, J-134RES PR64 Brown

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The gold discovery in California was not only huge for the United States; people from around the world took advantage of the opportunity for riches. Word of the California Gold Rush reached cities like Hong Kong and Canton via word of mouth from traveling merchants who bragged- and often exaggerated- about the copious amounts of gold the state offered. This type of news was not taken lightly on foreign soil- especially from the Chinese who had just come out of several years of war and rebellion. As a direct result of years of conflict, several people were out of jobs and would do just about anything to travel to the U.S. Many made this possible by traveling on merchant ships and by 1852 more than twenty thousand Chinese people showed up at the San Francisco customs building. Most of these immigrants geared up for gold usually planned to pick up some gold and return home, but this was rarely ever the case. Overtime this created tension throughout the nation as nativists feared immigrants would steal their jobs and over take their cities. Thanks to this xenophobia and mass immigration like that of 1852, several cities appeased their citizens by creating separate living solutions for these foreigners; for example, modern day China Town. Eventually these regulations not only shaped cities into the topography we know today, it also sparked federal reform. In fact, one of the first national restrictions on another culture was influenced by the nation’s distaste for Chinese immigrants that began in 1852. Unfortunately for the hundreds of thousands of immigrants that came over, including the Chinese, life was not any easier than what they left behind despite the rumors of freedom for all.

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