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A.D. Crossman, one of the greatest mayors to ever grace New Orleans, ended his fourth and final term in office on March 26, 1854. Crossman was a north-eastern native who had moved down to south to open his own business, where he would become quite the successful merchant and banker in a short period. When Crossman won his first election on the ticket as a Whig in 1846 he narrowly beat the Democratic representative by a little under two-hundred votes. In his time as mayor, he successfully reformed several city policies, handled and balanced finances, and managed the worst yellow fever outbreak the city had ever seen. This outbreak, which last from 1853 to 1854, took the lives of nearly ten thousand New Orleans citizens. Suffice it to say the city was certainly in a low place, but the Mayor Crossman managed to keep it afloat and functioning.

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