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After the huge influx of people that flooded the once small city of nine hundred and turned San Francisco into the metropolis we know now, the city had trouble managing its new population. The sudden increase, influenced by the discovery of gold not far outside of city limits, left law enforcement aghast as they tried to control the now crime ridden streets. In an effort to curb the violence brought on by various gangs that also flooded the city, a small group made up of people from the elite professional and merchant class put matters into their own hands. The Committee of Vigilance, organized by a Sam Brannan, was a separate law entity not associated with the government. The committee had its own set of laws, means of punishment, and trial procedures. Most of the time the trials were hurried and punishments included lynching, whipping, and deportation. For years this group acted outside of the law to help rid their city of troublesome groups like the Sydney Ducks, a gang from Australia. Punishment for the Ducks was often deportation but men who were charged for more serious crimes, like murder, would be hanged. Several years later the crime had significantly lessened in San Francisco, whether it be attributed to the vigilantes or a more adequate law enforcement was unknown, but soon the group disbanded. On May 15, 1856 however, the Second Committee for Vigilance formed after the newly elected mayor, James P. Casey, shot and killed James King. Casey was thought to have been involved in various criminal activities and several people thought he rigged the election. James King, the editor of the Daily Evening Bulletin, had called Casey out in an article, so the new mayor confronted him in the streets. Things escalated, Casey fatally shot King, and an outraged public thought it was time for another Committee of Vigilance. This time the committee was less necessary as law enforcement had already handled the situation, still the angry mob took matters into their own hands. A few days after Casey was jailed a group gathered outside of the jail, mobbed Casey out of his cell, and lynched him on the spot. This was the last act of any vigilante committee in San Francisco and the last time such a committee was needed.

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