1859 LIBERTY SEATED 10C PR66 Cameo

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1859 may have been the end for the star obverse Seated Liberty design on the dime, but it was just the beginning of conflict and true industry. In fact, some argue that 1859 was the true start of the Civil War conflict that officially started in 1861, especially if abolitionist John Brown’s plans had gone as intended. As an abolitionist, John Brown believed that the only way to truly abdicate slavery was through armed and violent insurrection rather than the more common pacifist approach. Fed up and tired of the slow process, John Brown decided it was his time for action on October 16, 1859. With an army of twenty-one men behind him, Brown stormed the United States’ Armory in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia (in today’s West Virginia) which he hoped would create a ripple effect of uprising in surrounding areas. Unfortunately, this was not the case and after two days of revolt federal troops led by Colonel - at the time- Robert E. Lee killed several of Brown’s men, took Brown hostage, and took the armory back. While Brown’s intentions may have been pure hearted, the method he chose to handle it was highly treasonous which resulted in his hanging later that year on December 2nd. 

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