1873 2C, CLOSED 3 PR65 Red

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Cert Number: 81929489

Just as the United States glued itself back together after the Civil War and became relatively more stable, devastation reared its ugly head once again on both coasts. Though frontiersmen experienced several clashes with Native American Tribes on their journey westward, no other tribe fought as fiercely as the Sioux. 1873 was the year General Custer happened upon the Sioux tribe for the first time while protecting a railroad survey in Montana. This “meeting” did not go well and sparked the beginning of the Indian Wars in the North-West. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, the war was not with munitions but with money as the U.S. struggled to keep the stock exchange afloat. Unfortunately, On September 18, 1873 the market crashed and several banks failed causing the 1873 Panic and a five year depression.
The two-cent saw a similar unfortunate fate in 1873 as the demand dwindled completely down and the cent was removed from circulation after nine years. Fortunately for collectors, however, these 1873 two-cents were only proofs and very few were struck because they were useless, making these coins a special rarity.

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