1876 20C PR65

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One of the Wild West’s truly infamous gunslingers, who rode through life on fame’s curtails, Wild Bill Hickok is shot and killed on August 2, 1876. Also known as James Butler Hickok, he was born in Illinois in 1837 but didn’t earn his gun slinging reputation until 1861 when he killed three attackers “in a cool manner.” From this point on his story traveled across the west and reached its paramount when and embellished story of this incident was published in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine six years later. He continued to add to his resume as a “wild” American West cowboy until he accidentally shot and killed his deputy in a shootout that took place in Abilene, Texas. After this incident Wild Bill never took part in another shoot out and instead rode out his fame. He was able to make some money as a participant in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show as himself and frequently led several hunting parties. Unfortunately, as Hickok aged, his infamous sight much of his work depended on began to fade and soon he was left to wander around the west gambling. By spring 1876 he made his way to the Black Hill mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota where he became a regular at the poker tables in Carl Mann’s saloon. August 2nd was just like any other day when he was dealt into a hand at his regular table, sitting with his back against the door. At 4:15 that after noon a young, wild gunslinger named Jack McCall entered the saloon, approached the back of Wild Bill’s head and shot, killing him instantly and for no apparent reason. Fortunately for the other patron, the rest of McCall’s bullets were duds so he was not able to continue shooting like he wanted to. Years later young McCall would be convicted, tried, and hanged for committing this particular murder.

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