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In 1879, the former President and Civil War General, Ulysses S. Grant, visited the San Francisco aboard a steamship called the City of Tokio. Some accounts of the arrival claim that Grant was in a bad move due to his false teeth being dumped overboard by a stewardess who did not realize they were in a glass of water. In any case this 1879 half dollar recalls this homecoming of the former president after his trip to Japan.

Congress intended the Mint Act of February 12, 1873 to serve as a general oevrhaul of the nation's coinage system.  Among its results were the demise of the Three-Cent Silver and the Half Dime and the introduction of the Trade Dollar in place of the standard Silver Dollar.  Effects in the Half Dollar series were less profound and confined to a slight weight increase from 12.44 grams to 12.50 grams.  This was apparently done to make United States coinage conform more closely to the metric system.

Once again, Mint officials felt that a special feature was needed to distinguish the new coinage from its lighter-weight predecessor.  Harkening back to the early 1850s, arrows were placed at the date beginning in February of 1873 and continuing through 1874.  Coinage of business strike Half Dollars of the Arrows, Motto type was accomplished primarily at the Philadelphia Mint, although the Carson City and San Francisco facilities also contributed limited mintages.

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