1884 GOLD G$1, TYPE 3 PR66 Cameo

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Cert Number: 34266117

The thrill seekers of the world have no problem finding their adrenaline rush on roller coasters at amusement parks today. In the late nineteenth century it was much harder to enjoy the excitement roller coaster could offer. On June 16, 1884,his changed when Lamarcus Thompson's Switchback Railway debuted at Coney Island. While there have been several sources that have cited different names for the coaster, the most agreed upon is "The Gravity Pleasure Ride." Thompson's design was fifty-nine feet long with two parallel tracks that would usher a bench-like passenger cart over "gentle" hills and return the cart via a switch mechanism to the other side; the ride reached a top speed of six miles per hour. Even though the coaster wasn't the fast and intense kind we are more attuned to today, it turned out to be a huge hit across the country. Shortly after the Pleasure Ride's debut others designed similar and faster attractions that popped up all over the United States. In fact, it was this ride that made Coney Island what it is today.

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