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The 1880s and 1890s are considered the decades of invention and immigration in the United States. America’s largest cities, including Philadelphia, experienced an influx of European and Asian immigrants, usually fleeing their country. To many citizens immigrants posed a problem, despite the large amount of jobs created from the Industrial Revolution and the ever expanding boarders. Still, fears of disease, overcrowding, and unemployment often came to an American’s mind, which created tension throughout the country. An example of these fears bubbling into violence is the Rockspring, Wyoming mining incident of 1885. Here, citizen miners became aggressive to the Chinese miners who they feared were there to take over. This aggression turned into a full on physical attack that resulted in the deaths of twenty-eight men, with several more injured and even more who needed to flee. Furthermore, cities became highly segregated as migrants were only allowed to live within certain set boundaries within these cities. These original city plans still effect the layouts of major cities like New York and San Francisco to this day.
Despite the growing fear and unpleasant happenings, beauty grew from this time period as well. In fact 1885 saw the completion and dedication of the Washington Monument and Lady Liberty came to New York’s shores to be dedicated a year later. Additionally, strides in communication took place as American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) was incorporated into American Bell Telephone Company as a subsidiary. Last but not least, President Grover Cleveland was inaugurated into office in 1885 and appointed the 16th Director of the Mint, James P. Kimball. Kimball, the first ever metallurgist to be appointed directed proved useful in his term and over time by criticizing and changing the quality of metal on which coins were struck.

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