1889 MORGAN S$1 PR66 Cameo

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The 1880s were often referred to as the decade of invention because the entire world saw several significant advancements in science and technology. For example, the first long-distance electric power transmission line established in Oregon, the creation of the first “navigable balloon” or Zeppelin in Germany, and the first published issue of the New York times on July 8th, 1889. People also seemed more aware of the need for preservation, especially as Grover Cleveland signed legislation to protect the Casa Grande ruins in Arizona Territory from settlement or auction on March 2, 1889. This movement was more important than anyone would realize at the time, especially because the United States added Montana, the Dakotas, and Washington State to the Union. Furthermore, Oklahoma had been newly opened up to white settlement and the first ever land grab run was held on April 22nd. Essentially now was the time to protect these important historical imprints on our nations landscapes as we grew larger and hungier for land. It is clear that moderation was imminent with the states' expanse and further technological and significant scientific advancement by 1889.

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