1889-O MORGAN S$1 MS65

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The well-preserved Williams House that still sits on 718 Toulouse Street in New Orleans, Louisiana - and can still be visited to this day - was originally built on an even more historical site in 1889. Before the Williams' house set its grounds in 1889, the property that it on which it broke land has endured New Orleans history for quite sometime. In its earliest days as a French Colony it was the location of the barracks and forages for the Company of the Indies which serviced the crown back in France, along with several other colonies and countries around the world. After this it was in possession of Jean Fran├žois Merieult, who essentially created Royal Street as we know it today. Shortly after that it traded hands and became what was originally two lots, were rejoined by Jean Baptiste Trapolin, who ran a hotel in Merieult's former mansion. It was in Trapolin's hands that the infamous Williams' house would break ground as his own private residence to grow his family. From 1921 on the residence exchanged hands several times and was run as an art gallery and apartments until the Williams' purchased it after WWII. Once the Williams' purchased the lot they combined the Merieult mansion, the Trapolin townhouse, and the land surrounding to create the historic landmark we can visit today.

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