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Centuries of storms have managed to pass through the Gulf Coast of the United States and yet no one is ever truly prepared for the prospect of damage and loss. On October 1, 1893 this rang true for several towns throughout the southern coast, especially the small vacation spot of Cheniere Caminada. Not more than two and a half hours away from the center of New Orleans, this island town – described as “beautiful, sandy land,” was a hot spot for rich upper class families to vacation. Unfortunately for this small town, it was more susceptible to the whims of Mother Nature. When the hurricane force winds began to approach the coastal town at dusk on October 1st, no one quite knew what was to come. Soon winds reached up to one hundred miles an hour and water began to overrun the island. It wasn’t long before the violent sea succumbed to the force of the hurricane, which is how a giant wave grew and wiped out the quaint island. What once was the prime summer spot soon became a desolate location that would be the location nearly eight hundred deaths. Cheniere Caminada and the adjacent island town of Grand Lake reached a death toll of approximately two thousand people in one day. Just the devastation on these two towns alone gave this hurricane the title of worst storm in American History, up to that point. As small coastal towns continued to be wiped out as the storm made landfall between New Orleans and Port Eads, the larger towns also received their share of problems. New Orleans, for example, managed to completely flood. Nothing compared to the devastation seen on the island, however. Furthermore, it took several days for the news of the disaster to travel to New Orleans which significantly stalled any help they were able to send. Eventually the small town was able to attempt to get back on its feet years later, but once again these rebuilt attempts were wiped out in 1915. Today the little island has had its fair share of horrendous weather and simply remains a great fishing spot and a memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives in 1893.

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