1899 BARBER 50C MS65

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Ford Motor Company would not have become what it is today if Henry Ford hadn’t left his job as Chief Engineer at Edison Illuminating Company on August 15, 1899. Before Ford made his move to Detroit, he grew up on a small farm in Dearborn, Michigan and decided at the age sixteen it was his time to work. Young Ford chose to work in various machine shops throughout the Detroit area until he landed a job at Edison. By 1888 Ford had married Clara Bryant and the same year he received his promotion to chief engineer, 1893, the couple had a son. While the engineering job was great money for Ford’s family, his hours were never set and he was on call twenty-four hours a day. With the little down time he had, Ford would work toward his goal of creating a gasoline-powered engine; which he finally achieved at the end of 1893. Ford extended his dreams, all while still working his tireless job, and completed his first horseless carriage he called the “Quadricycle” by 1896. At this point Ford had piqued the interest of William C. Maybury who decided to invest in Ford’s ingenious skills. In return, Ford put Maybury’s name on the first patent he was rewarded in the summer of 1898 – the carburetor. With the support of Maybury, Ford continued his building ventures and by mid-summer 1899 he finished his third car. This third model was perhaps the most advanced out of all his attempts as it contained several features the others did not; it included water tanks and brakes. After seeing what Ford could really do Maybury and a few other investors contributed approximately one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to establish the Detroit Automobile Company in early August 1899. Ten days after its conception Edison left his position, despite being offered a hefty bribe to stay, and signed on as mechanical superintendent. Both companies funded by Maybury, the Detroit Automobile Company and the Henry Ford Company, likely failed as a result of the sixty other automobile competitors in the nation. However, Ford poured his all into a last ditch effort – the Ford Motor Company – which he established in 1903. In July of that same year the FoMoCo produced their first Model-A car that allowed the company to grow steadily. It wasn’t until the company released the infamous Model-T, however, that Ford saw true riches. Since then the Ford Motor Company has become synonymous to American made products and remains a true car icon.

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