1902 LIBERTY HEAD $20 PR65+

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On February 28 of 1902, Senator Benjamin Tillman punched Senator John McLaurin in the jaw on the floor of the Senate Chamber. The two South Carolina democratic Senators’ relationship had deteriorated over the previous couple years as McLaurin was seen to be aligning himself with the Republicans that held the Presidency and the majority of the Senate. On the day of the event and with McLaurin absent from the chamber, Tillman announced that his fellow Senator was under “improper influences”. Hearing of this shortly after the fact, McLaurin burst into the Senate chamber declaring Tillman a liar. It was at this point that a fight broke out between the two. Violence would not be seen in the Senate for over a century. Could this 1902 double eagle have been in Senate Chamber or even in the possession of one of the brawling senators?

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