1907 BARBER 50C PR66 Cameo

Grading Service: NGC
SKU: 127595
Cert Number: 3319383005
NGC Population: 29**
NGC Graded Higher: 14**

In 1907, US marines were sent to Honduras to settle a war between the Central American nation and its neighbor Nicaragua. Nicaragua had sent troops into Honduras and the US took this as a sign that Zelaya’s Nicaraguan regime was looking to expand into its neighbor, a move that would affect the extremely profitable US banana trade taking place in the region. Thanks to US intervention the two countries, along with three others in the region, signed the General Treaty of Peace and Amity, a truce that sought to bring peace in the chaotic region. This 1907 half dollar recalls this US-backed treaty.

The Philadelphia Mint struck proof Half Dollars of the Barber type every year from 1892 through 1915.  The first-year 1892 is a perennial favorite among type collectors, while the 1913, 1914 and 1915 enjoy strong market demand due to the limited mintages of their identically dated business strike counterparts.

**Source: NGC Price Guide. Although we try to be as accurate as possible on the listed population, third party pricing and coin information, information constantly changes. We suggest you verify all information.