1908 BARBER 25C PR68

Grading Service: NGC
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Much like the engraver of this fifty cent coin, the Chicago Cubs have also carried a reputation throughout their entire professional history. In fact it was in 1908 that they received their controversial reputation and saw the end of their victorious streak for one hundred and eight years. As every baseball season comes to an end, the top teams from the American and National Leagues face each other for the opportunity to play in the World Series; this was the same in 1908. The National League playoffs of 1908 featured the New York Giants against the Chicago Cubs. Both teams were considered equally matched in this competition as they had similar records but at this point the Cubs had a one game lead over the Giants. On September 23, 1908 both teams were set to play what may very well be the final game of league playoffs. To heed off an early lead from the Cubs, the Giants started their star pitcher, Christy Matthewson, who held the Cubs at zero runs for most of the game. Despite their excellent pitching, the Giants were unable to capitalize and were also held at zero runs. Eventually an error allowed the Cubs’ Joe Tinker to bat a run in, after which the Giants answered with a run the following inning. In the ninth inning both teams were still tied, but the at bat Giants had a man on first and third when Al Bridwell stepped up, hit a lucky grounder to center field, and gave Giant Moose McCormick the clearance to score. In a flurry of celebration the man on first base, Fred Merkle, decided to not touch second base and instead ran off the field. Few people saw the blunder except the Cubs’ owner, the main umpire, and the Giant’s pitcher, Joe McGinnty. As the Cubs’ box instructed the team to finish the play by getting the ball to second base and touching the bag, McGinnty took the ball in play and threw it into the stands. This did not stop the Cubs from getting another ball and completing the play, after which Merkle was called out. After clearing the field the ump decided to call the game a tie due to the quickly approaching night. Playoff games cannot end in ties, however, because someone needed to advance so the game was scheduled to be replayed on October 8th. Unfortunately for the Giants, the Cubs ended up victorious in the rematch and they advanced to the World Series where they were once again victorious against the Detroit Tigers.

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