1913-D BARBER 25C MS67

Grading Service: NGC
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Cert Number: 0666481001

In 1913, the California State Fair drew some 35,000 people to a never before seen spectacle. The Sacramento-based event created a railroad track and placed trains at opposite ends, facing each other. The trains raced at top speed towards each other and collided head on, a video of the event has survived the years and can currently be found online. Was this 1913 quarter present for this crowd-pleasing event?

Charles E. Barber's Quarter was produced from 1892 through 1916.  The genesis for the changeover from the Seated design to the Barber motif was the Mint Act of September 26, 1890.  This act stipulated that coin designs could be changed only after they had been in use for 25 years, and that the Dime, Quarter and Half Dollar would be eligible for this treatment in 1891.  There are no major varieties in the Barber Quarter series, but it does have its fair share of scarce and rare dates.  The key issues are the 1901-S, 1896-S and 1913-S (in order of condition rarity), and most of the New Orleans and early-date San Francisco deliveries can be very challenging to locate in the Mint State grades.
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