1914 BARBER 25C PR68

Grading Service: NGC
SKU: 132344
Cert Number: 3319237003
NGC Population: 9**
NGC Graded Higher: 3**

In 1914, the US Navy ordered the prohibition of liquor on warships. With sizeable caches of alcohol in their stores, warship commanders decided that they would host a final banquet prior to the day the prohibition went into effect. As the onboard banquets were held during an international exercise, they hosted sailors from the British, French, German, Spanish and Dutch navies. A month after prohibition went into effect, WWI broke out in Europe. Could this 1914 quarter have been aboard one of the US ships during the last peaceful interaction between the many of the ships?

The Philadelphia Mint struck proofs of the Barber Quarter every year of this series' lifespan.  Most issues are of roughly equal rarity in today's market, but the 1913, 1914 and 1915 command premiums either because they were produced in fewer numbers than other proof Barber Quarters, or because of a limited original mintage for their identically dated business strike counterparts.

**Source: NGC Price Guide. Although we try to be as accurate as possible on the listed population, third party pricing and coin information, information constantly changes. We suggest you verify all information.