1915 ST. GAUDENS $20 MS65

Grading Service: PCGS
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Cert Number: 83933218
NGC Population: 52**
NGC Graded Higher: 2**

1915 marks the beginning of the US occupation of Haiti. After several years of political unrest on the island of Hispaniola, the US decided that it could not let the strategic island fall into the hands of Germany, who operated a base on the nearby island of Tortuga and had recently been asserting its influence on other Caribbean nations. This invasion was not the first resort however, as President Taft had grated Haiti a large loan in 1910 in the hopes that the country would pay its international loans, most of which it owed to France, and focus on stabilizing. Instability persisted and after a Haitian president was assassinated in 1915, President Woodrow Wilson would decide that the use of force was necessary to prevent anarchy. Could this 1915 double eagle have arrived on the shores of Hispaniola with a US landing party?

In 1908, Congress mandated that the motto IN GOD WE TRUST once again take its place on the Double Eagle.  This ruling overturned an earlier decision by President Theodore Roosevelt, who believed that the use of a diety's name on circulating coinage was an act blasphemy.  The Motto portion of the Saint-Gaudens series continued through 1933 with a singe interruption in yearly production from 1917-1919.  By far the rarest issue of this era is the final-year 1933, of which only a single example is currently legal to own.  That coin fetched a record $7,590,020 at auction in 2002.  Other key dates are the 1920-S, 1921, 1927-D, 1927-S, 1929, 1930-S, 1931, 1931-D and 1932, most examples of which were melted in the Mint after President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued the Gold Recall Act in 1933.  Semi key-date issues include the 1908-S, 1924-D, 1924-S, 1925-D, 1925-S, 1926-D and 1926-S.

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