1916-D BUFFALO 5C MS66

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After the wars that plagued the beginning of the nation, the United States took an isolationist stance and pledged neutrality for any foreign war that may arise in the future. Nearly all presidents that followed James Monroe maintained this promise, despite a small hiccough here and there, until the twentieth century. When World War I struck Europe in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson vowed to do all he could to stay out of the war regardless of Republican Party members like Teddy Roosevelt pushing for war. Unfortunately the rise of Pancho Villa in Mexico, who frequently attacked the South West, utilized most of the country’s militant resources, which concerned Wilson. In an effort to strengthen the thinly spread forces President Wilson signed the National Defense Act in 1916. This act gave the network of state militia the proper name of National Guard- even though this term had been unofficially utilized since before the Civil War. This law also standardized the Guard by increasing training hours, allowing pay, allowing cadets into army schools, and other revisions that resembled the U.S. Army standards. Furthermore, it established the ROTC which allowed high school and college students to begin training for their service earlier. All of these revisions were an attempt to strengthen the United States’ militant power, without actually having to use it. Additionally, with the National Guard more standardized, it could serve as the Army reserve should extra assistance ever be needed. Not surprisingly, this was certainly an intelligent maneuver on Wilson’s behalf because not even a year later the United States declared war again Germany and joined the allies in WWI.

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