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After the success of the first commemorative coin struck by the United States in 1892, the mint decided to commemorate several other events in history via special coins. Some commemorative pieces depict presidential inaugurations or important events and locations, very few depict people however. This particular silver commemorative piece features the infamous frontiersman Daniel Boone. In his day Boone was considered a modern day folk hero who not only braved the French and Indian Wars but also explored the newly acquired Florida immediately after. Many of Boone’s explorations opened up new frontiers for western moving settlers and provided detailed information about an area’s flora, fauna, topography, and culture. Boone opened up several areas west of the Mississippi River and perhaps most significantly, Kentucky. In fact, Boone spent a majority of his time heading expeditions through Kentucky and looking for areas to safely settle. During his expeditions Boone stumbled upon a few Native American tribes who resisted his desire to construct a colonial town within their territory. Eventually Boone was able to make amends with one of the more hostile tribe’s leader, Chief Blackfish of the Chillicothe; an event so significant that it is depicted on this commemorative coin. After much deliberation and communication with other tribes, Boone finally established his Kentucky colony in 1775. Eponymously named Boonesborough, Daniel and his family lived here between 1775 and 1779 until he went on to explore more western lands. Simply put, Daniel Boone was certainly a man worthy of a coin as it is quite possible the U.S. could not have expanded as quickly as it did without his skills and bravery.

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