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The Hoover Dam is perhaps considered one of the most technologically advanced structures of the twentieth century, and by 1936 this great testament to human innovation started electric transmission. The massive sixty story edifice was set to break ground in the early 1920s but congress did not get project authorization from president Hoover until 1928. Soon after, the infamous great depression hit the US progression on the project came to a near halt because resources were slim. However, the project did not completely stop and therefore it was a popular choice amongst desperate workers. Regardless of the hard times, the dam was slowly but surely built as part of Herbert Hoover’s reclamation project. The intention of the dam was to harness the Colorado River’s massive water resource and allocate it throughout the surrounding dry areas. In addition to irrigating deserts in California and Arizona, the government wanted to give the area appeal so more people felt comfortable moving out west. The idea was that aridity should not stop westward expansion because water is always available; little did we know that this would clearly not be true in the future. Once aqueducts were established to move the precious water the aspect of electricity production was next on the list complete. As a secondary benefit, the dam’s generator’s – which used the powerful Colorado River water for energy – were the final piece to the structural behemoth. Finally, after a name change from Boulder Dam to Hoover Dam, a great depression, and years of backbreaking work the dam transmitted its first electric pulses on October 9, 1936. Despite the minor set-backs, the dam has and continues to be a pivotal part of western deserts’ water and LA’s ever growing population.

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