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The unique Kentucky Token, as this coin is so often called, has been the object of great intrigue and mystery since its discovery. Due to its undated nature and unknown mintage, numismatists place the coins approximate strike date between 1792 and 1796; around the time Kentucky was accepted into the union, but before Tennessee was. The reverse features a pyramid of fifteen, twelve-point stars that have letters representing the current states inscribed within; at the top is a star with "K" for Kentucky. This pyramid is symbolically joined together by chain links and surrounded by nine groups of rays that resemble stars. On the obverse, the coin features a hand and scroll with the words "OUR CAUSE IS JUST." This legend may allude to Kentucky's aspiration to secede from Virginia as an independent state. Around this design are the words "UNAMITY IS THE STRENGTH OF SOCIETY.” As a result of the coin's uniqueness, coin collectors today enjoy collecting these as a part of the American colonial coin series and/or the Merchant Token Series. Regardless, this is a definite one-of-a-kind addition that can add a touch of mystery to any collection.

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