Gold falls on upbeat U.S. economic data

Gold falls on upbeat U.S. economic data, Bernanke
The private sector (70% US GDP and 25% of world GDP) is the only place showing growth.

Stockton could become biggest city to go bankrupt
Pain growing in city, county and states. More bankruptcies to come.

U.S. announces diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea
Nuke program is very expensive. They chose food over bombs.

College costs: Time to rethink higher education
The next bubble will be government backed student loans.

Rhetoric on Oil Prices Flares: Boehner vs. White House
Non-existent and failed energy programs for last 30 years is over. Private businesses are building an energy plan in spite of Federal government.

Greek unions hit back at minumum wage cuts
Already breaking austerity promises.

Students, police clash in Spanish city Barcelona
Already breaking austerity promises.

Comex Gold Falls On Bernanke Remarks; Profit-Taking Cited Ahead Of $1,800 Region
Dollar up, gold down, long term.

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Created on: 3/1/2012 2:03 PM
The private sector showing growth?? Don't know how you figure that out, are you watching the same news as me?
Created on: 11/23/2012 12:56 AM
That's the best aneswr of all time! JMHO