The Fed Is Wall Street’s ‘Drug Dealer’: Lance Roberts

The Fed Is Wall Street’s ‘Drug Dealer’: Lance Roberts
Why should Wall Street get and advantage the rest of us don’t.

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Created on: 3/23/2012 1:39 PM
Well, as an alternative, less tin-foil-hat-like epairnretttion: Gold had to have already been priced with the expectation of the Fed monetizing US debt. The market doesn't move on news, it moves weeks in advance of it. The insiders and big money had already moved into position.Perhaps the short-seller(s) thought that the market was anticipating more printing than the Fed announced and thus concluded that gold was overpriced.Still though, I think it's more likely that the price is being suppressed as y'all are suggesting.What I'm wondering is how short-selling can possibly be a viable strategy for suppressing a price?Is it that it changes the sentiment of technical players?Because otherwise, when the shorts are inevitably forced to cover (how long do most contracts last?), the price will shoot up even faster than it would have naturally.