Blog posts of 'February' '2012'

Gold falls on upbeat U.S. economic data

Gold falls on upbeat U.S. economic data, Bernanke
The private sector (70% US GDP and 25% of world GDP) is the only place showing growth.

Stockton could become biggest city to go bankrupt
Pain growing in city, county and states. More bankruptcies to come.

U.S. announces diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea
Nuke program is very expensive. They chose food over bombs.

College costs: Time to rethink higher education
The next bubble will be government backed student loans.

Rhetoric on Oil Prices Flares: Boehner vs. White House
Non-existent and failed energy programs for last 30 years is over. Private businesses are building an energy plan in spite of Federal government.

Greek unions hit back at minumum wage cuts
Already breaking austerity promises.

Students, police clash in Spanish city Barcelona
Already breaking austerity promises.

Comex Gold Falls On Bernanke Remarks; Profit-Taking Cited Ahead Of $1,800 Region
Dollar up, gold down, long term.

Debt Ceiling Fight: Coming sooner than expected?

World Bank to China: Reform your economy or face collapse
More cracks in China’s economy.

Debt ceiling fight: Coming sooner than expected?
If Republicans win big in November, maybe they will make some real cuts in December.

Republican House bill would strip Fed's jobs mandate
Carter added the mandate for the Fed to help with jobs, they have had very little success. There job is to protect the integrity of the dollar and every U.S. citizens hard earned wealth.

Why the Fed can't fix housing
Why the Federal Reserve can't fix housing
Operation twist means when the Fed does raise the interest rates, long term (home loans) will only go up a little, but short term (business loans) will go up a lot. Both are good for U.S. Economy and bad for world economy. This will correlate to the dollar strengthening and gold prices falling. 

Euro Zone Economy to Shrink in 2012
Euro zone economy to shrink in 2012
World economies shrinking, U.S. economy growing, dollar strengthening.
Does Obama’s Corporate Tax Plan Make the Grade?
Lowers taxes for some, raised taxes for alot more, which will kill foreign U.S. businesses.
Obama goes on offense over high gasoline prices
Obama needs Oil over $100 a barrel for alternative technologies to be economical.
Oil stays above $106 despite US crude supply jump
Speculation pushing oil up, caused by Obama’s weak foreign policy and his anti energy policy in the U.S.
EU prepares to evict Iran's banks from banking hub
Will not stop Iran from getting the bomb.

Gold Prices Pause on Greek Bailout Hangover

"US-based bullion dealers we polled over the past week report 'quiet' conditions and only 'sporadic' telephone call and transaction volumes, with would-be buyers of gold and silver only making an appearance in the wake of substantial rallies and not really buying on the dips," said John Nadler, senior metals analyst with Kitco Metals. Nadler also noted a Reuters report suggesting that India -- the world's largest gold consumer -- could see gold imports fall as much as 35% this year as inflation eases and stocks rally. The Indian government expects gold imports to come in at $38 billion in 2012 compared with an estimated $58 billion this year.  

Investors might want to reconsider looking to gold as a safe haven to stash their money. Gold prices have been artificially inflated and the question on everyone's mind is when will the price of gold collapse. There are some key indicators to look for that will lead to the collapse in gold prices. For more information on these indicators, read our Collapse of Gold Report.


Temporary Gold Spike Amid Greek Debt Deal
Exclusive: China, India plan Iran oil cuts of 10 percent or more
Will not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Will push price of oil up.
Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power
Spin article. This is Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State. That about says it all.
Some Doubt a Settlement Will End Mortgage Ills
This settlement will lower the mortgages by $2,000 to $4,000. How will that help.
A.M. Kitco Metals Roundup: Comex Gold Firmer Amid Greek Debt Deal, Weaker U.S. Dollar, Higher Crude Oil
Temporary spike, a lot of promises, let’s see what really happens over time.

Oil jumps to 9-month high after Iran cuts supply
Oil jumps to 9-month high after Iran cuts supply
Oil up, gold up.
Iranians desperate as dark economic clouds gather
Don’t be fooled, this is not going to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.
PRECIOUS-Gold climbs with euro on hopes for Greek deal
More promises. Temporary dollar down, gold up.
Deal trims maximum jobless benefits to 73 weeks
The only good news I could find. 50% of the people on unemployment will go back to work, the moment they cut benifets.

Job growth outlook for 2012
Jobs, factory data strengthen growth outlook
“But considerable slack still remains, with 23.8 million Americans either out of work or underemployed. There are no job openings for nearly three out of every four unemployed.”
GM records its highest profit ever: $7.6 billion
Cutting salaried workers (non-union) pensions, cutting production lines, cutting foreign exposures. Most of the profit was generated from cutting and there will be more cutting. Plus, they had unlimited funds from the U.S. tax payer.
President Obama Touts ‘Onshoring’: Is Made in America Back?
If you read the article. Obama has nothing to do with why jobs are coming back to the U.S.
Empty buildings haunt Spain amid real estate crash
They are heading for recession.  The U.S. is separating itself from the downside of Europe and its socialist policies.

Three Upsides to Lousy Government
Bail-Out Politics: Even Michigan's Economy Is Improving
Too much money was spent for too little return.
Iran oil ministry denies state media reports on EU oil stop
This is why oil prices are up.
Negotiators reach tentative payroll tax cut pact
More spending.
3 Upsides to Lousy Government
True Article!
Volcker Rule Debate: Even Occupy Wall Street Is Involved
Job and business killer.
Italy slides back into recession
Europe heading for a hard crash.
Is the U.S. Economy Improving?
EU to punish Spain for deficits, inaction
Europe making promises and never fulfilling them.
Boeing signs record $22.4 billion order with Lion Air
Signs the U.S. Economy is improving.
Geithner calls on Congress to help with economy
More democratic spending.