1760 VOCE POP, P AT FACE 1/2 P MS61 Brown

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In 1760, the New England colonies were experiencing a period of significant economic, social, and political development. The region's economy was diversifying beyond subsistence farming, thanks to its natural resources like lumber, furs, whales, fish, iron ore, and granite. Fishing, whaling, shipbuilding, and rum making became key economic activities, with fish being the primary export by the 18th century. Shipbuilding flourished due to the abundance of suitable trees for construction??. The dominant religion was Puritanism, except in Rhode Island, which was known for its religious tolerance. The colonies were established by both Separatist and Non-Separatist Puritans, with a strong emphasis on education and literacy, leading to a highly literate population compared to other colonies??. Governance in the New England colonies was characterized by a mix of royal and charter governments, with the original charter colonies enjoying a degree of independence and self-governance rare at the time. However, many colonies eventually had their charters revoked and became royal colonies as the crown sought to tighten its control??. The period also marked the beginning of mounting tensions between the American colonies and Britain. George III became king in 1760, and his policies, seen as stubborn and inexperienced, contributed to the growing dissatisfaction that would eventually lead to the American Revolution??. Protests against the Stamp Act in 1765 exemplify the colonies' resistance to British taxation without representation, setting the stage for the revolutionary events to follow??. In summary, the 1760s in New England were a time of economic prosperity, religious and educational emphasis, and increasing political unrest that would culminate in the American Revolution.
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