Numismatic Asset Protection Account (NAPA)

A NAPA is a private portfolio of museum quality rare coins personally curated for you. We are sharing our half century of unparalleled success in the United States rare coin market with investors who are seeking ways to protect and grow their wealth with confidence and peace of mind.
Compelling Asset Class
Known as the hobby of kings, few investors have access to this compelling asset class. Rare coins provide portfolio diversification with a non-correlated asset, strong historical returns and preservation of wealth. Current market dynamics are attractive with limited supply, growing demand and third-party authentication standards adding an extra layer of protection and transparency.
Proven Experts
Our family focuses on investing in the top 0.3% of the rare coin market, most of the coins in our portfolio are also found in museums and significant institutional collections. Our disciplined investment approach coupled with deep market knowledge have delivered strong returns through multiple market cycles.
An American Legacy
Beyond an investment and asset diversification, U.S. rare coins are an integral part of American history and can help create a meaningful legacy over generations. A firm Principal will work with each investor on a customized U.S. rare coin portfolio, and remain an ongoing resource to help build and preserve wealth and legacy.