1801 DRAPED BUST $10 MS63

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Cert Number: 05647902

On August 1st of 1801, the USS Enterprise engaged in a ship-to-ship battle with the Tripoli off the coast of North Africa during the First Barbary War. The Enterprise, a schooner, was sent from the main US force during a blockade of Tripoli to gather supplies from the British naval base on Malta when she came upon the Tripoli. Fighting commenced and soon the Tripoli lowered its flag in surrender. However, when the Enterprise approached the ship, the Tripoli quickly raised the flag and attempted to board the schooner. They were repelled and attempted to flee. Unable to outrun the American vessel, the Tripoli once again lowered its flag in surrender. However, they tried to board once again when the Enterprise drew near, were once again repelled and once again unsuccessfully tried to flee. When the Tripoli lowered its flag for the third time, the Enterprise aimed its cannons low to successfully sink the ship. It wasn’t until the captain of the sinking Tripoli took their flag down and threw it in the water that the Enterprise accepted surrender. Could this 1801 $10 have been on the Enterprise to witness this bizarre event?

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