1808 CLASSIC HEAD 1C MS63 Brown

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For nearly 128 years, the African slave trade was a prevalent part of the American economy and labor force. In fact, by the time of the American Revolution, more than three million people were forced overseas. Immediately after the war the North no longer relied on slave labor as the Industrial revolution began. This event encouraged some northern states to abolish the practice of slavery and slave trade all together. Unfortunately this was not the case for the south, which remained strictly agrarian. Regardless of the demand from the south, both the United States and Britain worked to end the Atlantic Slave Trade all together by 1807. Eventually some southern states jumped on board as well due to the massive population of slave already in the south. After a year of deliberation congress officially abolished the Slave Trade on January 1, 1808. This was not the end of the horrendous practice and unfortunately many had already suffered at this point. Thankfully, though, this did get the ball rolling for the abolishment that would occur nearly fifty-seven years later.

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