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The beautifully worded and everlasting "Star Spangled Banner" did not always don that name, nor did it immediately become the nation's anthem. Francis Scott Key penned what was originally a poem during the War of 1812 when he experienced the British attack on Fort McHenry outside Baltimore in 1814. As a successful lawyer, one might question why he was present at the event that inspired our national song. It was a coincidental occurrence thanks to his friend's, Dr. William Beanes, capture. In an attempt to negotiate his release, Key visited Baltimore, located which ship Beanes was imprisoned on, and successfully navigated the conversation for his freedom. However, the men were not able to leave until after the British finished their bombardment. Through the chaos, Key was able to see the beauty of the situation when a lone American flag remained once the dust had settled. This single flag inspired Key to write, "The Defense of Fort McHenry" which was later put to an English drinking tune and renamed. By 1916 President Woodrow Wilson suggested it to be played at all official events and by 1931 the nation had adopted it as the national anthem, as we know it today, under the title "Star Spangled Banner."

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