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John C. Calhoun was a man of many titles throughout his political career and was known for a series of political maneuvers. He is perhaps most well-known for his overwhelming support of the War of 1812, the establishment of The Second Bank of America, and his resignation as Vice President. In fact, his resignation made him the first in United States history to resign from this position on December 28, 1832. When he resigned, Calhoun sited political differences with President Andrew Jackson as well as his recent election to the South Carolina Senate Seat as his reason for leaving. In the past, both the vice and presidential candidates ran on separate ballots and would win elections simultaneously through popular vote and the Electoral College. Calhoun, who had been Vice President to Adams, was once again voted in with President Jackson but found himself isolated from national political affairs under his new president. It is likely Jackson and Calhoun did not see eye-to-eye on many issues due to their vastly differing views. Jackson was well-known for his die hard Democratic-Republican view of seeing an end to centralized banking, though he still agreed with a federally controlled system, and his support for Northern industries. Calhoun on the other hand, held more faith in the agrarian South and supported states' rights over all others. After Calhoun left his Vice Presidency, he spent the rest of his career supporting the Southern slavery-plantation system. He was able to keep political offices such a Secretary of State - though it was a very short term – and was considered a significant influencer of his time.

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