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For years the Texas territory remained a highly contested territory between the United States, Texan independents, and Mexico. This was even more evident after Texas gained its freedom from Mexico in 1838. After the devastating loss at the battle of San Jacinto in 1838, the Mexican leader – Antonio Lopes de Santa Anna – removed himself from the public eye for years. It wasn’t until 1841 that General Santa Anna returned to help his country in the Pastry Wars between the French, after which he resumed his position as Mexico’s president. To spite the Texas republic after his embarrassing loss, Santa Anna ordered his troops to frequently harass the Mexican-Texan borders – since he did not have the resources to full overthrow the area again. From 1841 on Santa Anna devised plans to hopefully take Texas back and harass the territory’s army. On March 5, 1842 Santa Anna pulled his bravest attempt when he sent General Rafael Vasquez to take the town of San Antonio hostage. Thankfully the town’s residents had plenty of warning and were therefore able to evacuate the area before Vasquez’s army reached their city. While Vasquez only occupied the area for a short two days, this sent a message to Anglo-Texans across the territory that there could possibly be more attacks. Additionally during their two day jaunt in San Antonio, citizens and state officials alike believed their next target was the republic’s capital, Austin. As a result, President Sam Houston ordered a session of Texan congress and thought it best to remove all archives from Austin to Houston. Several people thought this was an attempt by Houston to reinstate the city of Houston as capital, so these protocols were not followed. In addition to striking fear in the residents of San Antonio, citizens across Texas called for action against Mexico, but Houston did not believe in violent solutions and reached out to the United States for volunteer guard assistance instead. To answer the call, small armies were populated around the border to protect another invasion, which successfully prevented many. These blockades were called off after a couple months of quiet. Unfortunately not long after, Santa Anna once again sent another army to capture San Antonio on September 11, 1842. This invasion lasted one week and was more successful in acquiring several prisoners and sending a stronger message than the previous attempt. After this invasion, Sam Houston answered his worried peoples’ cries by attacking Mexico back the following year. These small but powerful battles continued frequently for years until the beginning of the Mexican-American War in 1846 which resolved all disputes once and for all.

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