1852-O LIBERTY HEAD $20 MS61

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The Studebaker name has been a prominent member of American history since 1852 and most often evokes a feeling of nostalgia in classic car collectors and fans. However, few people know that the infamous name actually built its legacy in blacksmithing decades before the automobile was conceived. When the family immigrated to the United States they planned to use their metal working skills from years of fine cutlery production in Germany overseas to build their new life. It is reported that Clement Studebaker built his first American wagon in 1750 and that his workmanship was pivotal in the creation of several Conestoga wagons. Clement was sure to pass his skills down his family line. As a result, his grandsons, Henry and Clement Studebaker, were able to open the H&C Studebaker blacksmith shop on February 16, 1852. In their first year of production they completed two horse-drawn wagons by hand and continued to manufacture their famously sturdy vehicles for years. In fact, the Studebakers were a major supplier of Union Wagons during the Civil War. By 1876 they were the largest producer of horse-drawn vehicles in the world. It was not until the turn of the century that the now larger, family business dabbled in the budding automobile industry. In 1902 the Studebaker Company produced an electric vehicle and two years later they produced a gas powered vehicle. While they often paired with other automobile makers in their early years, the Studebakers produced and sold vehicles under their own name by 1913. Despite the rapidly changing technology they continued to produce wagons, but cars quickly took over by 1920. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as this giant car-empire suffered heavily during the Great Depression to a point of Bankruptcy in 1933. Regardless, the Studebakers certainly left their mark and legacy on American history.

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