1859 GOLD G$1, TYPE 3 PR65+ Cameo

Grading Service: PCGS
SKU: 140421
Cert Number: 39179453

In 1859, the United States and Great Britain came to a head in what is referred to as the Pig War. The Pig War was a result of a vagueness in the Oregon Treaty that set the border between the US and Canada at the 49th Parallel. This treaty left the San Juan Islands off the coast of Vancouver claimed by both sides. Settlers from both sides of the boarder established themselves on the island and tensions instantly arose. When a pig belonging to a Canadian farmer wandered onto an American farm, the American farmer shot the pig and refused to compensate the Canadian farmer for it. As a result, the Canadian farmer sent word to British authorities who called for the American’s arrest. News of this reached the American mainland where the 9th Infantry, commanded by George Pickett, was sent to protect the American farmer. Seeing this escalation, the British sent three warships, to which the US responded by sending a further 500 men. With large opposing forces occupying the small island, it is a testament to the discipline of both sides that no shots were fired. The situation was soon deescalated but it wouldn’t be for another twelve years of joint occupation until an arbitration committee sided in favor of the United States. This 1859 gold dollar recalls the death of a pig that nearly led to a war between the United States and Great Britain.

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