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Even though the Seated Liberty design was well-loved by many, it underwent several modifications throughout its life time on every coin that donned the design. For the silver dollar, it had seen three major modifications by 1859; type three is also often called NO MOTTO because it does not feature the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. Many agreed that the modifications did not add to the design, but took away the original artistic merit. In fact, this design featured what many consider the “sandwich board” reverse eagle design that lacked the ferocity of the previous in-flight reverse. Furthermore, despite the assumed usefulness of a dollar coin, it was rarely utilized within Eastern states’ markets but it certainly received its dues west of the Mississippi River. Due to low eastern demand the coins mintage branded relatively low numbers compared to modern production. As a result of both and the coins melted during the Civil War, this series does have its rarities especially in the uncirculated and higher grades. The San Francisco Mint, one of three that struck this coin, happened to produce a superb rarity because it was only struck for one year- 1859. This spontaneous move was likely influenced by the discovery of the Comstock Lode outside of Virginia City, Nevada that same year. The new mine not only provided mass amounts of silver for coin production, it also spurred population growth in surrounding areas, including the not-so-close San Francisco. Eventually, the silver dollar was put to rest in 1873 by order of the coinage act that ended the legal tender of all silver dollars until its resolution in 1876.

Much like US Coinage, Earth went through somewhat of a modification during the waning days of summer in 1859. Amateur astronomer Richard Carrington spotted a strange solar phenomenon on September 1st - two days after electrical grids had already begun acting up. Little did anyone know, a huge solar storm was barreling toward our planet that would wreak havoc on our electric systems, communications, and the atmosphere. The night of September 1st and the entirety of September 2nd still maintain the record for the worst recorded solar storm in history. Not only were communication lines knocked out, but telegraph poles were seen sparking due to the immensely charged air which then transmitted through the lines where operators found themselves severely shocked. Operators were unable to utilize the electrical outlets but they soon realized the air was so charged they could relay messages without plugging in the telegraphy machines whatsoever. Additionally, the solar flares across the atmosphere made the aurora borealis visible as far south as the Equator- a truly phenomenal feat. Thankfully, Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere were made to prevent certain disasters from truly devastating the population, so no one was seriously hindered; though if this were to happen today, it would prove to be a close to catastrophic since life nearly runs entirely on electricity.

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