1879 TRADE T$1 PR67 Cameo

Grading Service: NGC
SKU: 138767
Cert Number: 4627825016

The infamous Doc Holliday made a name for himself throughout the west beginning in 1879. Holliday had moved out to Las Vegas, New Mexico earlier that year where he opened a saloon with a couple partners. It was here that Holliday committed his first murder after a former army Scout made a rouse within his saloon. The scout, Mike Gordon, had propositioned one of the Dance Hall girls Holliday and his partners hired as entertainers to run away with him. The dancer denied Gordon several times, which provoked the man into a violent rage after which he proceeded to head outside and fire several shots into the building. Holliday calmly sauntered outside to solve the problem and took Gordon down with a single, quick shot that ended his life the following day. Not long after the even Holliday moved to Tombstone, AZ with his good friend Wyatt Earp. Here both men were involved in the great OK Corral shootout, where Holliday killed his second victim. These were the only two officially recorded murders Holliday is attributed to, despite his reputation as a renowned and violent gunslinger. However, he is still attributed to several assisted murders along with other violent crimes. Holliday, an ex-dentist, lived life fast which is likely due to his inevitable early demise thanks to his tuberculosis. Hi affinity for alcohol also didn’t help him in the long run. By 1887 Holliday had retired his violent life to the serene scenes of a Colorado health institute where he died peacefully.

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