1918-D MERCURY 10C MS66 Full Bands

Grading Service: PCGS
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Cert Number: 39182752
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In 1918, the world celebrated the end of World War I, a monumental event that brought hope for peace and rebuilding across the globe. The signing of the Armistice Agreement on November 11th marked the cessation of hostilities and signaled a new era of reconciliation and cooperation among nations. Amidst this backdrop of optimism, Fritz Haber was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his groundbreaking synthesis of ammonia. This discovery revolutionized agriculture by enabling the mass production of fertilizers, ultimately leading to increased crop yields and ensuring food security for millions around the world. Additionally, the birth of the National Hockey League (NHL) in North America in 1918 marked a significant milestone in the world of sports. The formation of the NHL provided athletes with new opportunities to showcase their skills and brought communities together through the love of the game. These events of 1918 underscored moments of triumph, innovation, and progress amidst the challenges of a tumultuous period in history, leaving a lasting impact on society and shaping the trajectory of the future.
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