1926-S BUFFALO 5C MS65

Grading Service: NGC
SKU: 142927
Cert Number: 4627814008

Like the early years of the Philadelphia Mint, both the San Francisco and Denver mints struggled with supply shortages, poor materials, and easily worn dies. As a result, it is relatively difficult to find well struck coins from the first years of these newer mints, making coins with excellent lines and features a true treasure.
1926 was a booming time for invention and innovation in the United States. Philadelphia hosted the grand Sesquicentennial World’s Exposition, scientists made leaps in flight and physics, and despite prohibition, parties were even more exciting than ever. San Francisco, home of this coin, took part of the party scene as well in the Prohibition Era. In order to sell alcohol, however, one had to do so secretly through speakeasies or disguised soda shops. This was no problem for many, and night life certainly took off which mad the economy boom too. Europe on the other hand showed the dim future ahead for the global economy as several economies failed and currency lost value at an alarming rate. Germany in particular felt the hit of WWI the most because they were the direct target of the strict Treaty of Versailles. Their economy was at an all time low and their government was chaotic, which created the perfect mix for a drastic change. This political down turn also truly showed just how far and quickly a super power could potentially fall.

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